Emelux decorative lighting enhance and brighten any space. Choose from wall or ceiling mounted fittings. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Create uniform wall washes or project beams of light. Emelux decorative lighting features low-power and long-life LEDs. Furthermore, they are available ex-stock. Can be despatched with FREE next working day delivery.

All Emelux decorative lighting fittings are quality checked. They are also CE marked and carry a 2 year warranty. Therefore, you can order with confidence. Check out the range of Emelux decorative lighting below.



ECLIPSE LED luminaires offer a unique adjustable disc allowing both the luminaire appearance and the wall illumination to be changed to suit individual taste.


LED Wall Luminaires

DUO projects a light pattern across its mounting surface. Use to create exciting lighting effects. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

LED Wall Luminaires

Adjust the rotating disc by hand. Cool to the touch. Easy to change the shape and light effect at will. Use in both domestic and commercial settings.

ECLIPSE are LED wall mounted luminaires.

They feature a unique rotating disc. Move the disc to change the look and feel. Close the disc for a bright ring effect. Or, open the disc fully for maximum wall wash effect. Disc can be placed in any position across 360°. No tools are required.

DID YOU KNOW? All EMELUX decorative lighting is covered by a 2 year warranty

Pendant Luminaires

As the name suggests, HALO has a unique halo effect. Height adjustable pendant mounted LED luminaires. Black and silver finishes.

Surface Luminaires

Stylish surface-mounted LED luminaires. Available in silver and black. High light output and low energy. Use in retail applications.

LED Wall Luminaires

Unique ‘floating disc’ appearance. Provides good general lighting as well as subtle background lighting. Ideal for use in living areas. Low energy.

LED Wall Luminaires

Unique indirect illuminated housing. Provides good illuminance and subtle background lighting. Can be fitted in ‘up’ or ‘down’ positions.

DID YOU KNOW? EMELUX decorative lighting is available for next day delivery

LED Wall Luminaires

Create exciting lighting effects. Project light patterns across the mounting surface in four directions. Black finish. Ideal for large open plan spaces.

LED Wall Luminaires

SATELLITE has a unique indirect illuminated disc. This provides good general illumination as well as subtle background lighting.

LED Wall Luminaires

Project parallel lines of light. Fixed or rotating housing also enhances the effects. Gives high output with low power. Great in corridors and on stairs.

LED Wall Luminaires

Probably one of the smallest wall lights available. Furthermore, WAFER has a striking appearance and gives strong wall illumination. Low energy.


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Emelux decorative lighting adds accent lighting. The ranges are ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Add wide beam lighting. This highlights features such as artwork and alcoves. Add focused decorative lighting to create stunning effects.

IP54 rated fittings can be used outdoors. Gardens and patios can be enhanced with dynamic lighting effects.

ECLIPSE and SLICE fittings are adjustable. Vary the effects that can be achieved by adjusting the moving parts while in place.

Emelux decorative lighting is easy to install. At most, two screws are required to fix the unit to a wall or ceiling. Standard mains electrical connections are all that is required to power the fittings.

Emelux fittings only use low power LEDs. They give great light output at a low cost. Furthermore, they also have a long life. Emelux LEDs have a lifetime greater than 40,000 hours.

Robust housings ensure decorative lighting will have a long life. Finishes are resistant to fading over time.

LED batten luminaires

Decorative lighting is only a part of the Emelux offering. We also supply a range of LED batten luminaires. CLICK HERE to see the range. They include the SPEAR range. SPEAR LED battens can be connected together for a seamless run.

Commercial fittings

COMMERCIAL luminaires include square and circular amenity fittings. They are suitable for outdoor use and are easily installed.